Nombre(s) : David Sanchez
Nacimiento : 1979
Lugar : Ponce, Puerto Rico
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Due to the growing popularity of Reggaeton in recent years, mainstream names like; Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Hector y Tito, and Zion y Lennox are easily associated with the genre. It is important, however, to acknowledge roots of reggaeton so that one can better appreciate reggaeton as a whole. People like Vico-C, DJ Playero, DJ Negro and TEMPO were among the first artists to venture from Latin Rap into this new genre. Until recently, little or no credit was given to old school artists like TEMPO.

Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1979 David Sanchez a.k.a TEMPO was always very music oriented. He attended Escuela Libre de Musica Juan Morell Campos and by age 11 he started composing his own rap lyrics. Much of his childhood was spent in New York and continuously appearing in various talent shows.
Tempo first appeared in DJ Joe’s album “DJ Joe 4”. Due to business problems he separates from DJ Joe’s crew. In 1998 he appeared in “Time to Kill” and became friends with DJ Playero. As a result of this new friendship he joined Playeros team in “Playero 41”, where songs like Ya llego la hora featuring Getto and Bailando quiero Verlas. This whole album in general was a huge hit in Puerto Rico. Tempo also collaborated with Mexicano in Hagan Ruido Las Pistolas on his album “Entre el Bien y el Mal”. By this time TEMPO with only 19 yrs was causing great commotion in Puerto Rico with his explicit violent lyrics. Due to this controversy Buddha’s production produced TEMPO’s first solo album “Game Over”. Donde Estan las Girlas, Narcohampon and Ven y Baila are just a few of the hits that Game Over contained.

In 2000 TEMPO’s second album “New Game” includes collaboration with Gastam and Getto, Maicol y Manuel, and Baby Rasta and Gringo. Due to the high sales of his these first two albums TEMPO is given two Gold Discs, and various awards in Puerto Rico. His third production “Tempo Exito” included all his greatest hits from the previous albums.

Lyrical battles are in some way the essence of TEMPO, he has battled with practically anyone who stepped up to the plate, among his list are Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee, Master Joe & OG Black, Rubio y Joel, just to name a few.

Because of his affiliation with Buddha’s family he later became entangled in the infamous Pina Records VS Buddha’s Family rivalry.

Regardless of his battles, TEMPO is currently facing his greatest battle yet; for he is fighting to appeal his 24yr sentence in jail for on a narcotics charge. At age 36 Tempo has and will always been known to be a rebel, and a revolutionary against society’s injustices. As for his career Buddha’s production is due to release “Free TEMPO” in summer 2005. This talented artist has greatly impacted reggaeton from its beginnings and will hopefully continue to inspire future generations.

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