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Biografía de Temperamento

Cristian Estremera, a.k.a. Temperamento, was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1981. After the suicide-death of his father, his mother decided to move to the U.S., where they ended up on the streets of Providence, Rhode Island. Temperamento started his Rap career in 1999 with the group “Lyrikal Killerz,” La Organizacion Secreta. Shortly after the group broke-up, he joined forces with “Mafia Negra,” creating his own Hip-Hop chapter: “Ghost Shadowz.” After a couple of years of trying to get his foot in the door of this dirty industry, this rapper noticed the fake side of the people involved in it. So, he decided to go against everyone, with the intention of taking over the game.

In the summer of 2004, while every rapper in Puerto Rico was dissing another using the “Lean Back” beat, Temperamento did his own diss, joining the competition and going after the spanish rapper who was on top at that time, Tego Calderon. After a couple more disses, the Mixtape DJs started to pick up on this artist and had no other choice but to show him support. In only a matter of 10 months, Temperamento found himself on more than 50 Mixtapes, a couple of DVDs, shot a music video, and was featured on a compilation with Gemstar and Big Mato, the MCs behind the Reggaeton hit “Oye Mi Canto.”

In addition to all of this, Temperamento seems to have taken over the Internet, with people talking about “El Rey de La Reggaeton” on almost every Hip-Hop and Reggaeton website. This rapper’s goal is to do what no other rapper has ever done and to make anything happen on his own terms. So far, he is proving his point by even making the bachata group “Aventura” come at him with a diss track. In the upcoming year, Temperamento will be releasing his album “Cadena Perpetua: 25 Años De Mi Vida,” with which he will show the world what he has been through so far in his life. This album is sure to become a real Hip-Hop classic.

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