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Nombre(s) : Victor Delgado
Nacimiento : 27 de diciembre, 1983
Lugar : Arraiján, Panama
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Being Eddie Dee the first Puerto Rican artist in believing the talent and musical capacity of Predikador, both started working together by the end of 2006, and they collaborated in the mixtape The Final Countdown in which Predikador produced the hit song "Mensaje de Texto" which had a great acceptance from the audience.

Predikador worked on Mi Flow: This Is It the debut studio album from Baby Ranks. In March of that year Predikador signs with Mas Flow Inc. after negotiations with famous prodcuer Luny who had an interest of the talent of this producer and Luny rapidly invited him to produce the new CD of Daddy Yankee Talento de Barrio in which Predi participated arranging 2 tracks of this singer, one of them "Llamado de Emergencia" which is already getting a lot of airplay on the radio. He has also wrote a song from Pee Wee album Yo Soy call Tan Feliz.

Predikador also participated on Semblante Urbano of El Roockie where he produced various tracks and also produced the first single from the album "Parece Sincera" in which he collaborated with Luny Tunes. He also produced the hit song Martes de Galería in which he worked with talented artist De La Ghetto. He also worked on the album from Erre XI.

He also produced Perdoname from La Factoría and also was a key piece of the album by Flex producing his hit single Te Quiero in 2008.

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