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Omawi Bling

Nombre(s) : Omalwin Vasquez
Nacimiento : 1981
Lugar : Orlando, Florida
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Born in Orlando, Florida in 1981, Omalwin Vasquez, brings his own flair and flow to give the explosive genre of reggaeton new meaning. His debut release from Clavo Music distributed by Urban Box Office (UBO) will reach a wide audience and translate his love for music through controversial lyrics and unique beats. Omawis flow is definitely sexy, sultry and rhythmic fused with banging hip hop and reggaeton club beats that will make his album become a groundbreaking, crossover hit.

Omawis struggles began in the 1990s as a teenager while moving back and forth between New York, Orlando and the enchanted island of Puerto Rico. At this same time, a new sound of reggaeton was evolving in the island, and though his encounter with trouble was inevitable, he persisted on making his dream a reality. He nurtured his craft while rapping at private parties arranged by his friends. His familiarity with Hip Hop enhanced his ability to freestyle in Spanish, which boldly distinguished him from the rest. This later became one of his largest attributes in developing his style.

As reggaeton exploded and took over Puerto Rico, Omawi's aspiration on becoming a professional in the music industry grew stronger. He developed the ability to write lyrics, and knew he had to make his next move. At this point, he migrated to New York to pursue his career as an artist. It is there where he recorded his first demo over Hip Hop beats. These recordings were sent back to Puerto Rico, where they marked a trend.

His commercial sound was great, but needed to be more aggressive and fierce. Therefore, he recorded his next set of songs using tiradera (lyrics that attack other rappers). Now, his lyrics were catchy and strong leading him to record eight tracks with D Productions. In the process, he met MickeyMac, former A&R of Uni Vibe and label rep for artists including Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam and Mexicano. MickeyMac felt that as a new artist Omawi would be worth developing for a project that was in the works, El Draft 2005 (an album that will soon reach platinum status featuring up and coming reggaeton artists), and so they solidified their relationship.

In 2005, MickeyMac joined with Neyflava, co-founder and president of LatinFlava (Latino website/TV show turned label), and they both returned to UBO with their own label Clavo Music and a captivating demo of Omawi that finally earned him a record deal. Omawi has been recording for endless hours and nights, and his first album is set to be released in the summer of 2006. The album promises to attract a new, evolving reggaeton and crossover audience and claim stardom in the urban music world.

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