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Quinee Butler, - November 13, 2006 - Since Tito ‘El Bambino’ gave producer Nales a shout out at the end of his hit song ‘Caile,’ Reggaeton fans have been wondering who the ‘new guy’ is. Actually, the ‘new guy’ has been with Mas Flow for over a year now, and along with A&A they form the producing team ‘Los Presidents.’ His real name is Anthony Calo Cotto, and he was born and raised in Virginia, US, before moving to Puerto Rico when he was 15 years old. Those who are lucky can hear him singing in the halls of the Mas Flow studios; the rest of us are just happy to hear the beats he produces.

So, where does the name Nales comes from? The nickname is derived from the word knowledge, and Nales himself is more than happy to explain the word’s metamorphosis. “People in Puerto Rico have problems pronouncing the word ‘knowledge,’ so I had to find a way to spell it so that they can easily enunciate it when it’s read,” he explained in an interview with “Tito pronounced it a certain way on ‘Caile’ and that is the way it stayed.”

With so much emphasis on Reggaeton from Puerto Rico today, many people feel artists and producers not born in P.R. are at a disadvantage. Nales proves that the only disadvantage one has are the limits we place on ourselves, no matter where we come from. “I was about 12 years old and I used to rap and write lyrics,” Nales recalled “I didn’t really like the quality of beats I used to buy at a barbershop, and that is when I started getting interested in producing myself. I bought a keyboard and I just started to learn how to play it. I was in a band class and I played the trumpet so I was very familiar with music and how it’s read and composed, and went from there. I was raised listening to Hip-Hop, Salsa and Merengue, so I get my inspiration from different kinds of music.”

When he was 15 years old, his father brought him to Puerto Rico and like any parent, he wanted Nales to continue with school. However, he found another path: “At first I missed Virginia so much, that one time I ran away from home and headed back to Virginia. I wanted to see if I could collaborate with someone over there” said Nales. Now at the age of 19 he is content with his life in Puerto Rico and gets his education at the Mas Flow Studios.

Nales’s connection with Luny Tunes is a whole different story. When asked how he hooked up with Mas Flow, Nales recounts: “I used to work with another producer, and he told me he knew Luny and Tunes from way back. He wanted to present me as a singer, not as a producer. So the first time I met Luny I sang three songs as part of the auditioning process. He told me to come back and the next day to sign a contract. The next day I came back with a CD with some of my beats on it. Luny was surprised to find a guy who could both sing and produce too.” That day Nales presented Luny with beats from both himself and beats produced by him and his partner at the time. Nales was convinced that the beats he made with his partner were much better than the ones he did alone. But looking back, Nales now realizes he produced better quality material on his own; all he needed was someone to confirm his talent, and Luny gave him that validation. When Nales first had the chance to sign with Mas Flow, he was 18, and the age to sign that particular contract was 21. “My father refused to sign the contract with me because he felt I was too young. But eventually Luny provided me with a new contract, and the rest is history.”

Nales admits that he would much rather be a producer than a singer. There are all types of pressure that come with being an artist, including making sure your image is always pristine. “The industry’s fascination with image, I hate it to tell you the truth,” Nales said. “I know a lot of people here, even people that are standing in this room right now, that worry a lot about their image. I hate that if I was an artist, I would have to worry more so about looking pretty all the time, have my hair cut, being iced out all the time.” Of course that comment caused a little bit of controversy, and the interview turned into a group discussion. “That’s bullshit!” someone in the room stated emphatically. “You can be whoever you want to be and do what you want with your own image.” At that point Nales pointed out that when you are young and starting in this business, there are always going to be image consultants and managers around you telling you what you should look like. Very few new artists can escape this. “Being an artist is not me. Now if at anytime I feel business is bad, of course I have the ability to make an album or two,” he added jokingly.

Many producers from Mas Flow will have chances to work with whomever their heart desires to when it comes to the music industry as a whole. “I would love to work with artists like Usher and Timbaland. I am more interested in working on the producing side of things.” Nales has already worked with Wisin & Yandel and produced Mayor Que Yo II along side Luny Tunes. He has also worked with Don Omar, Bimbo and Eliel. More recently, he was a major part of the producing effort for Luny Tunes & Tainy's album 'Los Benjamins', being a co-producer of the first single 'Noche De Entierro (Nuestro Amor)' His accomplishments in such a short time in the Reggaeton scene just fuel his aspirations for the future. “I feel like I can be a part of taking the music to another level. I know I can’t do it alone, but I am working with people who have the talent to make a huge impact on this industry.” © 2006,

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