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Manny y Bebe

Nombre(s) : Manuel Mendez, Emanuel Mendez
Lugar : Chicago IL, Ponce PR
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Manuel Mendez (Manny) was born in Chicago, IL. and Emanuel Mendez (Bebe) was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Manuel and Emanuel Mendez better know as, the reggaeton duo Manny & Bebe produced and recorded their first reggaeton song in 2002. Reggaeton is a musical genre born in Puerto Rico during the early 90’s from the fusion between classic salsa, Puerto Rican Bomba and the urban rhythm of Hip Hop. Manny & Bebe is a duo that is not only bonded by their fans, music and talent, but they are also bonded by family because they are brothers. This reggaeton duo has accomplished some outstanding goals in the first 3 years of their music career. In 2003 they made their first appearance in a local club around the Chicago area and with only 3 songs that they performed the audience was amazed by their talent. From 2003-2004 they performed in more then 20 local clubs around the Chicago area. In 2005 they had the chance to perform in front of over 10,000 screaming fans at the Aragon Ballroom and the Congress Theater in Chicago, which they both say it was the most amazing feeling they ever had in their music careers. This dynamic reggaeton duo was quickly noticed by the audience in the Chicago area and became the ..1 reggaeton duo in Chicago.

Manny & Bebe (without a finished album) have accomplished to share the stage with very well known reggaeton artist and other artist of different music genre. With artist like Daddy Yankee, Victor Manuelle, Aventura, Elvis Crespo, Ivy Queen, Monchy & Alexandra, Wisin & Yandel, Kevin Little, Adassa, LDA and others to come. Manny & Bebe’s accomplishments have inspired and opened up new doors for other young Latin talent in the Chicago area. This has helped Manny & Bebe follow their dreams and also become better music artist. After a period of 3 years in the entertainment industry and the Latin music scene, Manny & Bebe launched their first album “PA Q TE ACUERDES MAMI” which has a unique mixture of different music genre produced by some of today’s new and very talented producers. “PA Q TE ACUERDES MAMI” is an album that is not only targeted to the club scene but also to enter the hearts of the Latin audience specially the female audience. Manny & Bebe’s “PA Q TE ACUERDES MAMI” album is expected to give the audience a whole new feeling into the reggaeton genre and hope to become a solid album to entertain not only their audience but to also inspire new talent all around the world.

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